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Autumn is well on its way! And what a beautiful time of year it is! After having lived in the Middle East for 12 years, I appreciate the change of seasons even more the before. I love going for long walks and look at all the vibrant colours and breathe in the fresh air.
With the autumn in mind I’d like to explain you how STOTT Pilates® can improve your lifestyle and how to enjoy these long walks in autumn to the fullest.
STOTT Pilates® follows five basic principles:
Breathing: When walking try to have a ‘three dimensional breath’. This means that you should try to breathe through the lower lobes of your lungs. This will help you to release the tension in your neck area and to stabilize your body.
Pelvic Placement: Make sure you have your spine in its neutral alignment, focusing on having a little curve in your lower spine. This is the most stable and optimal shock-absorbing position while moving.
Rib cage placement: The ribcage should be in a neutral position, not popping forward or back. This alignment will help you again to get the optimal breath pattern and the have your arms in an optimal position while walking.
Scapular Movement and Stabilization: Stabilizing your shoulder blades on the rib cage is extremely important as the shoulders serve as an anchor for the arms as well as a support for the cervical spine. When this is not done, there is a tendency to overwork the muscles around the neck and shoulders which can result in pain. So make sure your shoulders are drawn away from your ears and not protracted (pulled to the front).
Head and Cervical Spine: Just like the lower spine, the cervical spine should be in its natural curve. Try to focus on having your skull balanced directly above your shoulders when your walk. Again it will help you to get the tension away from your neck and to have the best shock absorbing position.
Keep in mind that all bodies are different. Feel what’s good for you and go and enjoy these walks![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]