Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.

I love the meaning of this quote. Life is a balancing act and if you lose your balance, you will fall. It really is as simple as that! This simplicity is one of the reasons I love Pilates.

Pilates is very much focussing on strengthening our core muscles, the deep muscles in our body. Strengthening these muscle will make sure that the core muscles will become more successful in ‘hugging’ our spine which will make you more balanced. The same counts for the other muscles and bones bones in your body. Having stronger muscles around your knee area, your ankles and shoulders will give your joint much more support and this will, in its turn prevent you from injuries. You will walk taller and you will be more balanced.

As we are all aware, our lives are getting increasingly busy and stressful. Most of us are working so hard that we forget to take our time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. We lose the balance between our personal lives and our social commitments. When that balance gets unstable we become more vulnerable to illness and/or injuries. Pilates will teach a mind and body awareness that will help us to take back control of our lives.

Pilates will increase your Mind-Body Awareness. With life as complicated as it can appear keeping it as simple as possible can help us maintain our balance both mentally and physically. Pilates puts you in the right position so you do not fall. It really is as simple as that!