SaskiaMy name is Saskia West and I am originally from The Netherlands where I was a teacher. I first moved to the UK, West Sussex, in 2000. This is where I originally became an Exercise to Music (ETM) instructor. I then moved with my husband to Dubai where I lived for almost 12 years. Whilst in Dubai I continued to teach a variety of Health and Fitness Classes and also became a mum.

Becoming a mother and living in a busy city changed my outlook on life. I became more and more interested in the challenges of keeping fit and healthy in a busy, stressful environment. This led me to Yoga then Pilates, Stott Pilates® in particular. Stott Pilates® is an internationally recognised training program which focuses on physiology of the human body and associated psychology of the mind. I found it an effective method of developing the body uniformly, correcting body postures, restoring physical vitality, invigorating the mind, and elevating the spirit. For me it proved to be the perfect Body and Mind workout.

We all seem to be living more hectic lives. The pressures at home and at work give us little respite and the chance to relax and repair. Finding an effective way to deal with these stresses is hard to find and I believe Pilates is one of the ways to help may have the solution and I have loved the chance to help.

Through my career I have been very lucky to work with many different people with different abilities and from various cultures. It is has enrichment my life and I hope I can share this experience with you.