Dance Fit (60 min)

A music based easy to follow cardio Dance Fit class that tones the body. A real “feel good’ class.

Beginners Pilates Class (60 min)

This class is suitable if you have not done Pilates before or, if you have some experience, use it to work on perfect technique. If you have any injuries this also the class for you.

Intermediate Pilates Class (60 min)

This class is for the people who have done Pilates before and know the terminology of Pilates. Be prepared to work hard. If you have any injuries it’s recommended to go to the Beginners Pilates classes first.

Older Adult/Beginners Class

This class is for the older adults and/or beginners. The class is split between using a chair, standing and (optionally) a mat. The chair and standing work take about half an hour. The class will continue with some optional mat work if you are able to do so.

Mixed Level/Express Class (45 min)

This class builds up the exercises slowly so everyone can join in. The ‘build up’ of the classes is gradual and you can stick to the level you prefer.

Mini Workshops (30 min)

The workshops are created for people who want to improve their technique or want to focus a specific area such as ‘back care’, ‘posture’ or ‘injury prevention’.

Calm (30-40min)

The Calm Classes are Pilates Based Yoga classes, a relaxing way to focus on lengthening muscles and de-stressing the body.